A note about my rating scale…

UPDATED (1.5.07): I wanted to change the slant of my ratings to be more like “how much I like this movie” as opposed to anything about a recommendation…

0-2 = Not worth seeing and probably not worth making notes for.
2.5 = I don’t regret watching it, but I wdn’t say it’s worth your time.
3 = Pretty good, but there’s still better stuff to watch.
3.5 = Decent movie. Might see it again.
4 = Good movie. I’d probably see it again. I like it.
4.5 = Really good, little things can’t prevent a 5 so this cd be great.
5 = Dang!

Of course, the ratings are relative to what I’d expect/want from the movie. So while “Napoleon Dynamite” isn’t the piece of film art that “Schindler’s List” is, I can still give it just as good of a rating.

I don’t have a checklist or equation to come up w/ the rating so one day I might give a movie a 3 where the next day I wd have given it a 4. I’m swayed by mood and who-knows-what. So my ratings might seem strange or inconsistent at times??? I guess I cd review them later and change my mind, but I don’t intend to.

I wd change to 1-10, but it’s too late now. That wd make searches easier since as of now if you search for “5/5” you’ll also find “1.5/5” and the other “x.5/5” movies. Oh, well.

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