2008 Review

Netflix Review

All 121 movies I watched in 2008 (this may be a bit off b/c I’m just counting posts which also counts posts NOT about a movie I watched… like this post though this one isn’t counted in the total)

Movies I watch that were released in 2008

Great titles worth mentioning:

Once (2006) – Irish love story – My favorite movie I watched this year.
Dark Knight (2008) – Great action and story. Utilizes the darkness appropriately.
Seven Up (1964) – British documentary revisiting the same kids every 7 years.
WALL-E (2008) – Great animation and storytelling.
Battlestar Galactica (2004) – Definitely the best sci-fi TV series ever… maybe best series ever.
King of Kong (2007) – Great documentary w/ villian, underdog and everything else.
In Bruges (2008) – Great characters and underlining “Christ” story. Funny and clever.
Iron Man (2008) – Great action.

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