Æon Flux (2005) – 1/5

Æon Flux (2005)

I wanted to like this movie. I heard it was and believed it, but hoped somehow I’d enjoy it. It was watchable, but painful.

I think this is what you’d get if you gave a 14 year-old boy millions of dollars to make a sci-fi movie: he gets everything he wants and it’s no good – skimpy, tight close, lots of inexplicable gadgets and weapons, weird places and unnecessary effects, plenty of action with way too much wire-work, etc.

The premis is about the only good thing here, but if I thought about it for any length of time, I’m afraid that might sink too???

I believe there was an animated series this was based on. That cd be the problem – they tried to make it too much like the series and too few people are familiar w/ it???

Anyway, it’s not worth it. Too bad.

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