Best Clip-on Guitar Tuner – Snark Tuners – Quick, Good, Cheap

In the past, I’ve used a variety of tuners for guitars. I’ve even had a tuning fork at one point. That was a silly experiment into being hard-core. Now I wanted to find the best clip-on guitar tuner.

Best Clip-on Guitar Tuner

While the electric tuners were really good, the Snark Tuner blows them away in a few aspects…

Best Clip-on Guitar Tuner
Best Clip-on Guitar Tuner


The Snark Tuner has a microphone for tuning but also a vibration mode. You clip the Snark tuner on to your guitar (or bass, violin, ukulele, etc.) and it detects the vibration for tuning.


It’s cheap. Period. I have one on each of my guitars just cuz.


The battery lasts a long time. Next.


Not only does it clip on which is convenient, but it’s small and light. You can just leave it on there all the time!

best clip-on guitar tuner
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There no need to tell the Snark tuner what note you’re going for. It tells you what it’s detecting and you change from there. How was is done before? No one will remember.

Other Features

Some Snark tuners come with other features like a metronome (no audio that I can tell), transposing help, etc. I don’t use those actually.

best clip-on guitar tuner
Snark Tuner

So there’s not much of an experiment in comparison here. I tried one and fell in love with Snark tuners.

There are others by the likes of D’Addario, Fender and Korg. Those might be great and they aren’t expensive either.

Just from looking at those, I prefer the Snark tuner.

I have used some apps for tuning, but it can’t be as convenient as a Snark tuner already on my guitar. Maybe if my Snark battery is dead or I’m at not playing one of my own guitars. But that’s an edge case.


I dig Snark tuners.

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